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Martha Stone-Martin
Martha Stone-Martin
Vice President of Marketing and Administration

As Vice President of Marketing and Administration, Martha is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of our marketing efforts. She ensures the development of efficient systems to meet the organization's needs and defines strategic marketing initiatives to convey our overall branding and marketing tactics.  

She has over 25 years of digital marketing and project management experience working with small to medium businesses and nonprofits. Martha leverages a deep understanding of technology to expand the impact and reach of our marketing efforts.  


Martha worked previously as a financial analyst and budget manager in large and small technology businesses.  After a shift to a marketing career, she co-produced "51 Reasons: How We Use the Internet and What it Says about the Information Superhighway". She launched her web development and marketing firm in 1995, working with hundreds of small to medium businesses and nonprofits to develop an effective web presence. She earned a B.S. in Finance and Quantitative Methods from Babson College and an MBA in Marketing from Babson College.


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