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Business tax planning and compliance deadlines can be challenging. The evolving global business tax climate, continuously expanding state-level tax burdens, and the U.S. government’s renewed laser focus on international payments, reporting, and tax evasion are just some reasons why business operations in the U.S. are becoming more complex.  Risks related to tax, accounting, and information reporting rise each year. Our tax consulting services provide both U.S.-based and businesses originating from foreign countries with the expertise, flexibility, and guidance required to manage this tax complexity.

Benefits of Tax Consulting


Our business tax consulting services are specifically designed to help your organization minimize tax impacts and maximize savings. To achieve this, we’ll help you identify the appropriate tax deductions and credits for your situation and opportunities for tax reductions that you may have overlooked in the past. 

We are confident that our proactive, actionable tax approach will add value to your bottom line. Our highly skilled and experienced tax professionals will focus on your unique goals and objectives as if they’re actual employees within your organization.


What to Expect From Our Business Tax Consulting Services


The core focus of our business tax consulting services involves a complete review of the business entity structure, tax classification of the entity, U.S., state and local income tax obligations, sales tax obligations, opportunities for U.S. and state income tax credit applications, business stage and exit opportunities, capital structure, and any international tax or business structure issues.  

We also offer highly specialized and customized tax consulting services, including:


  • Total tax outsourcing.

  • State-level income tax nexus analysis for all states and D.C.

  • State-level sales tax nexus compliance, exemption opportunities, and registrations.

  • State-level payroll, unemployment, and other tax registrations and withdrawals. 

  • Merger and acquisition due diligence, tax planning, and equity gifting strategies.

  • Puerto Rico “Act 60” income tax incentives for investors and small business owners.

  • Five flag theory applied to entrepreneurs and their families.

  • Deferred income tax asset & liability calculations for GAAP reporting obligations.

  • Cannabis tax accounting compliance under IRC 280E.

  • Cannabis banking and cash management structuring.

  • Sales tax calculation and compliance reporting for medical or retail marijuana sale.

  • R&D tax credit analysis.

  • ASC 740-10 (formerly known as FIN 48) analysis for U.S. GAAP.

  • Excess compensation calculations for C Corporation owners.

  • Retirement plan considerations for income tax & wealth creation purposes.

  • COVID-19 pandemic benefit applications and forgiveness processing.

  • International banking and business structuring using “blocker” corporations.

  • Uniform capitalization analysis.

  • Transfer pricing analysis for international business transactions.

  • Cost segregation studies under IRC 481.

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