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Announcing CEO Executive Advisory Services for Credit Unions

CEO Services for Credit Unions

Charles River CFO, is proud to announce the launch of its CEO Executive Advisory Services, designed specifically for Credit Unions and Community Banks. With financial institutions facing unique challenges in today's dynamic finance environment, this service aims to provide seasoned expertise and strategic guidance tailored to their specific needs.

Charles River CFO's Executive Advisory Services are designed to foster effective board leadership, improve CEO performance, and offer appropriate responses to audit and examiner concerns. The new service can include:

  1. Board and Audit Committee training sessions

  2. Weekly CEO coaching calls

  3. Monthly strategic planning sessions

All are tailored to each organization's unique needs.

"Our services are about turning challenges into opportunities," said Allen Sterling, Director of Community Banking/Credit Union Practice at Charles River CFO. "From filling leadership gaps with our Interim CEO and CFO services to providing comprehensive board training, we are dedicating our seasoned expertise to empower your organization and steer it towards success."

One of the critical components of the new offering includes Audit Committee support, where the team will work closely with the Audit Committee members to define their responsibilities, evaluate CEO responses, and ensure effective monitoring of improvements.

Strategic planning is another vital aspect of the services. The Executive Advisors will provide insights on best practices for successful plan development, execution, and monitoring, ensuring that the organizations have an effective planning and budgeting process in place.

"Effective communication is key to any successful organization," said Sterling. "Our Executive Advisory Service offers CEO coaching and works closely with your CEO to optimize their effectiveness in communicating with the board, outside examiners, and senior management."


Would your firm benefit from the CFO Services provided by Charles River CFO?

Charles River CFO invites credit unions and community banks to consider how we can amplify the impact of your leadership team. Connect with us at or call Jack Sullivan at (781) 431-0420 x1 to learn how our Executive Advisory Services can benefit your organization.


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