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August 26 Webinar: Rethinking Revenue #2

Earned income strategies to drive sustainable revenue for nonprofits. A complimentary seminar hosted by CRCFO, Atigro, Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires, and Social Innovation Forum.

nonprofits prepare for change

In today’s fast-changing, funding environment, nonprofits and social enterprises are adopting new strategies to create new revenue streams, drive growth and sustainability.

In this session, you’ll learn from this experienced nonprofit leader:

  • The latest strategies that nonprofits are using to create new revenue streams.

  • The keys to successful earned income strategies that drive sustainable growth

  • while staying true to your mission.

  • How to extend your mission – turning your nonprofit’s strengths into revenue opportunities.

  • How this performing arts center launched earned revenue initiatives that increased profitability, unrestricted funds and multi-year revenue streams.

Warren Tranquada, EVP and COO of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, will lead this timely discussion that will transform your approach to revenue generation. His portfolio includes several earned income business units for NJPAC, including broadcast TV, facility rentals, food services, parking, real estate development, and touring. Prior to NJPAC, he co-founded a consulting firm where he advised organizations globally on earned income development and strategic planning.


Sponsored by:

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