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Big4Bio Podcast - Biotech CFO

Navigating the Growth Challenges Faced by Biotech CFOs with Kevin Sarney

biotech CFO services

"Chief Financial Officers in the biotech industry operate in a complex and ever-changing financial landscape. In addition to being charged with traditional financial duties, they must navigate regulatory uncertainties, manage risks, and adjust to evolving market dynamics. We spoke to Kevin Sarney, Life Sciences Practice Leader for Charles River CFO, about the current financial environment for biotech companies seeking to raise money, how CRCFO works with biotech clients, and how the use of an outsourced CFO can allow younger biotechs to cost-effectively tap deep industry experience."


How can we support you in achieving your firm's financial sustainability and growth?

If you would like to discuss how our biotech CFO services can assist your company please get in touch with us at (781) 431-0420 x1 or email us.



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