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Cloud-based Accounting Technology

Ok, firstly, breathe, we will get through this. Recently, we requested our staff to revisit our best practices (we call it The CRCFO Experience) particularly as it relates to paperless, virtual back offices. By ensuring these are robust, we will not only support the social distancing requested to flatten this virus curve, we actually are saving our clients money. We bring this up because right now we are all in this together. We will survive this virus but we also need our clients' businesses to survive. If we can help your workforce to be more virtual so that you can keep the gears going, please let us know. We're happy to spend a few minutes helping you.

Cloud or remote services are the mode of operation for companies today. The importance of this technology for supporting remote workplaces securely and efficiently is clearly understood. At Charles River CFO (CRCFO), we have been champions and power users of cloud-based accounting for years. Our CFOs, practice leaders, and controllers can implement, optimize and expand your remote accounting services for today's environment as well as the future. Charles River CFO implements what it offers to clients; paperless office, cloud-based accounting, and efficient processes. We know it, use it, and can optimize it.

QuickBooks Online is a typical, cost-efficient cloud-based accounting system. It enables everyone to use the same software securely without having to worry about where employees are working, licensing rights, or versions of software. While we work with QuickBooks Online for some of our start-up clients, CRCFO is software agnostic and works with many accounting systems, including Xero, NetSuite, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics to name a few.

Charles River CFO utilizes a consistent methodology in our client engagements. Our tools provide for efficient, scalable, cost-effective and remote solutions for today’s environment. Examples of these include:

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Desk Procedures

Our proprietary, cloud-based tool for organizing client information in an efficient, accessible and confidential manner ensures continuity of service. Worry-free and stress-free!

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Accounts Receivable

Automate your customer billing electronically. No more invoices in Word or other systems outside the accounting system! Have your customers make their payments directly to your bank account. Easily accept credit card payments.

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Accounts Payable

Various cloud-based solutions are used for receiving paperless invoices, improving the approval process, making electronic payments to vendors as well as syncing to your accounting system.

We Can Help

We are smart, nimble, and flexible. If you would like to discuss how Charles River CFO can assist your company with part-time CFO and accounting services, please contact us at (781) 431-0420 or send us an email.


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