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Going Paperless: How to End Your Unhealthy Relationship With Paper For Good

It may seem like a large leap to take, but you can realistically operate a paperless business. From helping the environment to improving your bottom line, going paperless will help you reap many rewards.

You may be afraid of going paperless because of stories you’ve heard about business owners who lost their information because their computer system crashes. However, with today’s technology, you no longer need paper backups. Even if you’re not ready to run a completely paperless business, there are many paperless business solutions that can make your business run much more effectively.

Why Going Paperless may be Just what your Business Needs?

It’s fast: From documenting and sending to communicating and recruiting, there are so many business facets that just work more efficiently, and at a much quicker pace, than paper documents. Plus, your electronic documents can be easily stored and accessed at a later date at a whim. Consider the communication with your employees: how much time would it save you if you were able to communicate electronically? You can provide critical information to all employees in the fraction of the time it would take you to write a letter or make a phone call.

Less mess and space: Going paperless is often just as much about eliminating clutter as it is about convenience. In other words, think of the space you could save if your paper documents were transferred into electronic documents. In addition, it is often much easier to locate an electronic document than a paper one because it is right in front of you, in a clearly labeled file, for immediate accessibility.

Control and privacy: It is much easier to control access to an electronic document than a paper one. A paperless business likely has a set of controls aimed at limiting access to certain documents, while nearly anyone can access a paper file and retrieve information. Paperless business solutions often address the issue of security and privacy with specialized features and controls. Electronic documents can also be accessed at a remote location, thereby providing a great convenience to individuals with multiple business locations.

Save money: Let’s face it: paper costs money, and paper is incredibly wasteful. Just by eliminating some of the paper from your business using paperless business solutions, you can begin saving a considerable amount of money each month on paper-related costs.

Paperless business solutions may not end your reliance on paper, but they can effectively cut down on the mess, the clutter and the confusion that often accompanies paper documents and correspondence.

If going paperless is just too much of a stretch for you and your business, consider starting with just a few paperless business solutions and work towards a paperless business. Many times, businesses may choose to convert their paper documents into electronic ones as a starting point. Others may simply make the switch to electronic inter-office memos, instead of paper ones. Regardless of your final decision, remember that even the smallest changes can make a big difference when it comes to cost and convenience. Use the technology that is available today and consider taking your business paperless!

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