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Summer Solstice

5 Ideas for the Summer for CFOs

5 tips for summer

With last week's solstice announcing summer, some adhere to tradition by leaping over bonfires for protection throughout the year. However, as forward-thinking CFOs, we prefer practical strategies—especially with that troublesome knee getting in the way of a fire jump.

While some market sectors are experiencing positive energy, many firms are in a holding pattern. However, signs of future funding for startups and small businesses are emerging. Perhaps a summer slowdown presents a unique opportunity to prepare for what lies ahead. Here are five proactive ideas to consider before your summer vacation.

1. Reconnect

Take a breather with a fresh cup of coffee and reconnect with your professional network. Update your LinkedIn profile, reach out to old contacts, and follow influential leaders. Strengthening your network now can pay off down the road.

2. Rethink

Gather your team's (or from other groups in your firm) rising stars and brainstorm upcoming challenges. Strategize on how to position your team for future success and adaptability.

3. Revamp

Evaluate and enhance. Critically assess your processes, plans, and forecasts. Discuss with colleagues and explore innovative technologies. It might be the perfect time to roll out a new initiative for the fall.

4. Refresh

Dust off last year’s budget or strategic plan. Make notes on changes in assumptions and processes for this year. Develop three actionable ideas to bring to your team.

5. Restore

Everyone deserves a break. Plan a fun, relaxing event for your team this summer. Strengthen bonds, share laughs, and unwind away from the screen. And take your vacation time.


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