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The Charles River CFO Controllers' Adventure

Pictured top left: Christopher Murphy, bottom left to right: Kristina Pinkerton, Chris Jensen, and Kristin Larson.

"Thank you, Charles River CFO! The four Chris/Kris’ were given the privilege to be a part of a trip to Montana for some picturesque views, great camaraderie, and, that’s right, a bit of hiking. Chris Jensen, Christopher Murphy, Kristina Pinkerton, and I enjoyed a three-day adventure with Adventure Base Camps with three other adventure seekers and two guides. We started with a short hike up the “M'' at the University of Missoula, then another 8-9 miles with a moderate incline. The second day was the “big” hike up to a summit near Hamilton, MT. We bushwhacked 3+ miles up to one of the most gorgeous summit views and took the satisfaction that we were a part of the first team to have 100% success in making it to the summit. The third day was called a walk which I speak only for myself, was a lie. But we all survived. And did I mention the meals prepared by a professional chef – yum!!

The trip was an absolute blast and, honestly, something I did not think I could do. It reminded me you could achieve more when you really put your mind to it. It was a trip to disconnect from your phone and screen time and really focus within. The conversations with others were heartfelt and compassionate and really reminded us of the importance of family and friends. I know I made many friends from the adventure, in particular, Chris, Christopher, and Kristina. I look forward to seeing my fellow Chris/Kris’ at the next Charles River CFO event."


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