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Why A Financial and Accounting Assessment Is Important

There’s a reason your numbers aren’t quite right . . .

But what is it? Talent? Technology? Processes?

Or maybe a combination of all three? Charles River CFO's financial experts know where to look to uncover accounting trouble spots. With a financial and accounting assessment, you get a thorough, objective, third-party review that tells you exactly what’s going on with your numbers, plus detailed, actionable recommendations to get you back on track.

The solution begins with pinpointing the source of your financial challenges.

The decisions you make every day are based on the assumption that your numbers are right. Yet, there are literally dozens of areas where mistakes or flawed projections can lead to a ripple effect of problems. Charles River CFO evaluates these areas, then guides you in creating the high-functioning, proactive accounting department you need in today’s economic climate.

Our Finance & Accounting assessment answers critical questions, such as:

  • How is your financial information being recorded, reported and used to make projections and strategic plans?

  • Does your staff have the time, skills and expertise to answer all of your questions and give you full control of your numbers?

  • Does your team understand how policies and procedures should be applied and why?

  • Do authorized signers know what to look for before they sign contracts, checks, invoices, reports and other important documents?

Your Assessment Report will be board-ready, including a set of action items to:

Manage your back office operations to ensure all transactions, financial statements, analysis and controls are timely and accurate, and all reports are generated and reviewed according to best practices.

Manage your cash flow, including projecting inflows and outflows, managing financing mechanisms and developing strategies to meet requirements throughout the year.

Comply with all necessary policies, starting with your own written internal policies and including funding restrictions, regulatory and oversight bodies.

Develop and continually analyze a realistic financial plan fully integrated with your strategic plan and budget.

With impartial advice on improving your financial operations — including policies, procedures, staffing, reporting and internal controls — you can tackle even the most challenging financial issues and take your organization to the next level of success.

How can we support you in achieving your organization's financial sustainability and growth?

We are smart, nimble, and flexible. If you would like to discuss how Charles River CFO can assist your company with fractional or interim CFO and accounting services, please contact us at (781) 431-0420 or send us an email.


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